Why VetCor?

business opportunity

A good business opportunity must be structured for operational success and have a sound value proposition to offer consumers. It’s also advantageous to provide a product or service that’s in-demand and relevant to all members of the population. VetCor meets all four of these characteristics, but includes even more advantages for our franchisees:

  • the demand for restoration service is continual, meaning it’s a recession-resistant business
  • our business opportunity is priced to be affordable, with available funding assistance
  • no restoration experience necessary—we train our owners in a familiar way
  • we provide lead generation from national accounts and top insurance carriers
  • we speak your language as a business opportunity for veterans, by veterans

ASPIRE to Greatness!

  • Accountability and Responsibility for everything we do or fail to do.
  • Service to the customer and strive for 100% satisfaction. We complete the mission – ALWAYS!
  • Pride in the quality of our work, in each other, and in our reputation.
  • Integrity is NEVER compromised. Our word is our bond.
  • Respect our customers, their time, their property, and their resources.
  • Excellence in all our actions and communications.

Three Convincing Reasons

Here’s three convincing reasons why you should consider VetCor’s business opportunity:

  • Strategy (Control)

    If you want to take command of your future, VetCor gives you the business opportunity to be your own boss, while providing support.

  • Structure (Values)

    Our franchise business opportunity requires strict adherence to following a proven business model. Ours is purpose-driven to reflect the values instilled during your service.

  • Financial (Risk)

    The VetCor business opportunity greatly reduces the threat of job insecurity, putting your financial future in your own hands. VetCor, as a business opportunity, earns a strong return on investment across the spectrum of franchising.