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With a business opportunity as promising as VetCor, we have to keep sharing the good news about our franchise offering. Here, you will find the latest VetCor news where we cover company announcements, new franchise owners, our latest awards, certifications, and more. Check back often to view the latest VetCor news and information.

VetCor to the Rescue: Multiple Teammates Respond to Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida VetCor

When you’re in the restoration business, there are times when you get to play the role of hero. Which is exactly what happened in the wake of Hurricane Ida after it made landfall on the southern coast of Louisiana back in August. The Category 4 Atl...

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Team VetCor Announces Newest Franchise Owner – Meet Alex Van

VetCor Alex Van

Team VetCor® is pleased to announce Alex Van has become the organization’s newest franchisee, bringing the total number of franchise owners to 11 and territories represented to 28. Pictured on the left with his wife, Joanna Kha, Van is the first n...

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Team VetCor Establishes a Beachhead in Hampton Roads, VA

William DeRosa, the new owner of VetCor of Hampton Roads, VA, graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2012, with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and also holds a Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.) in Structural Engineering from the Univers...

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