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With a business opportunity as promising as VetCor, we have to keep sharing the good news about our franchise offering. Here, you will find the latest VetCor news where we cover company announcements, new franchise owners, our latest awards, certifications, and more. Check back often to view the latest VetCor news and information.

Team VetCor Establishes a Beachhead in Hampton Roads, VA

William DeRosa, the new owner of VetCor of Hampton Roads, VA, graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2012, with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and also holds a Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.) in Structural Engineering from the Univers...

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Multi-Unit Expansion Opportunities Happen Quickly for VetCor® Franchise Owner

vetcor franchising

VetCor® has established a brand that provides timely, reliable, and quality service. More importantly, our dedication to creating sustainable and meaningful employment opportunities for veterans—our nation’s heroes—is made exceedingly possible...

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The Importance of the Validation Process

VetCor Franchising

If you’re not yet familiar with the VetCor franchise, it’s a business ownership opportunity that specializes in water and mold damage restoration services. When you “investigate” a franchise, you get to learn about the business model while go...

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