vetcor ownership

Veterans understand it often takes several steps to accomplish a mission, which is why VetCor has broken them down for you. Review the four steps it takes to achieve VetCor ownership:

Study Your Mission

Study Your Mission

The VetCor ownership opportunity as a process. You will need to do your research on VetCor’s franchise opportunity, as well as the restoration industry in general. Have questions? Let us know.


Take Action

You can email, call us directly, or simply fill out our contact form. In short order, you will hear back from our VP Franchise Development who will be your wingman for the next steps in the VetCor ownership process.


D-Day Arrives!

The Discovery Day step is reserved for a face-to-face meeting with VetCor’s leadership team. It is an opportunity to get to personally know you and for you to know us. It’s a friendly meeting to discuss how we can help you succeed as a VetCor business owner.


Permission to Launch Approved

Here’s where you earn your stripes. After vetting your credentials for VetCor ownership, if both parties are mutually satisfied, it’s time to begin your new life with a business of your own. However, you are not alone as VetCor will be with you on your journey with ongoing guidance, training, and support.