VetCor Visits: Meet Elizabeth Evans, Owner of VetCor of the First Coast

VetCor’s Vice-President of Franchise Development, Mike Long, recently sat down with Elizabeth Evans, owner and operator of VetCor of First Coast in Jacksonville, Florida. She’s also an active-duty Colonel in the Florida National Guard. They chatted about what it was like to review the VetCor business opportunity and join the team. Here are some highlights:

What type of risk analysis did you do before joining the VetCor team?

“The relationships that the executive leadership has built with the insurance industry in Florida gave me the confidence that VetCor’s influence would extend outside the core operating area—and it has. The question I asked myself is, ‘Can this relationship be replicated? What is the insurance count for Florida?’ I found that it was a strong relationship. Coming out of the gate, we were able to take advantage of VetCor’s influential ground game.”

How was your first year in business?

“The key was having a strong team and creating the system you need to make decisions, so you can course correct, if needed. For us, everything comes down to communication between the insurance companies, adjusters, TPA representatives, homeowners, and us as a team. Having the right people in the right positions made all the difference.”

What advice would you give other people investigating the VetCor business opportunity?

“First, it’s not a get-rich scheme—it’s a marathon not a sprint. If you want to be a successful VetCor franchise owner, it’s directly proportional to the amount of time and energy you invest in building the right local and regional relationships, then those in the larger insurance industry.”