VetCor to the Rescue: Multiple Teammates Respond to Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida VetCor

When you’re in the restoration business, there are times when you get to play the role of hero. Which is exactly what happened in the wake of Hurricane Ida after it made landfall on the southern coast of Louisiana back in August. The Category 4 Atlantic hurricane would become the second-most damaging storm to hit the U.S., with sustained winds of 150mph and catastrophic flooding which resulted in more than $65 billion in damage. 115 deaths were attributed to the hurricane, which left a trail of destruction from Louisiana to the upper mid-Atlantic states.

A total of four VetCor operators answered the call, immediately traveling to Louisiana to address the affected residential and commercial property owners. These teammates included:

These VetCor operators were assisted by subcontractors including Darby Solutions, Silverstreak Selective Services, Miller and Sons, and Strongpoint Roofing. The four VetCor teams worked in concert with nine total insurance companies and three different third-party administrators (TPAs). In all, they handled over 700 roof tarping claims, over two dozen tree removals, and countless hours of water damage remediation and restoration, generating over two million dollars in revenue.

Thanks to the rapid deployment of these Team VetCor operators, many home and business owners were treated to speedy and precise clean-up operations, likely preventing the onset of mold-related damage. These owners and their support crews embodied the values and ideals of their previous military service in the approach and accomplishment of their most important mission to date—mitigating a natural disaster through commitment, service, and professionalism.

When you’re a small business owner in the restoration industry, you’re just a phone call away from the next catastrophe. But in following the proven business model of VetCor’s franchise operations, you will one day have the opportunity to do your part when disaster strikes.

It’s never a question of if, but when.

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