VetCor Services Operates in a Growing Industry

When it comes to owning your own business, it makes sense to choose an industry or sector with an established target market, visible opportunity, and a built-in demand for the product or service. It’s also advantageous to investigate concepts that meet the guidelines and definition of an “essential” business, meaning that the operation provides products or services that people rely on in their day-to-day lives as necessary. At VetCor, we have an essential business opportunity that also operates in an industry sector that’s experiencing rapid growth. Take a moment to review the following statistics.

According to leading business research giant IBISWorld, there is a growing demand for damage restoration services in the U.S. The effect of climate change, coupled with a favorable economic environment, has led to an annualized 1.8% increase for professional restoration services over the past five years. Industry revenue generated by restoration services over the same time period increased 0.5% to a range of between $80-200 billion annually. Lastly, market analysis of this particular industry predicts a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4% through the year 2027. There are an estimated total of 55,000+ mobile damage-restoration businesses in the U.S., employing over 110,000, but there’s still quite a bit of room to grow.

As the owner of a VetCor franchise, you’ll be assigned a specific territory all to yourself, functioning as our brand’s “on-call” expert. Keep in mind—circumstances that lead to the necessity of damage restoration services can occur at any time. This includes daily plumbing mishaps related to common household appliances such as dishwashers, ice makers, hot water heaters, and even air conditioning units, as well as floods, fires, smoke damage, tornadoes, and hurricanes. And, when these unexpected incidents happen, residential and commercial property owners always need immediate assistance. So you and your team get the chance to be the hero who comes to the rescue.

If you’re considering an entrepreneurial future and eager to own and operate a business of your own, do your due diligence to make sure the VetCor business opportunity is a good match. We’re extending an open invitation for you to investigate VetCor Services. Learn more about a business opportunity where you’ll always have a network of teammates and veteran advocates invested in your success, as well as a brand known for timely, quality, reliable service and the value of veterans. VetCor’s ongoing training and support programs will feel familiar to veterans, as we operate with similar culture, norms, and values as the military—leaving no one behind.

To hear more and get started on your future as a VetCor Services franchise owner, simply call (844) 838-2671 or fill out this online form on our website. We’ll be in touch shortly to learn more about you, so that we can hear about your lifestyle and your goals.