For Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life, Keep Your Options Open

military vets in transition - vetcor business opportunity

The transition from military to civilian life is a challenging time for far too many of our veterans. According to the results of a recent survey from the nonprofit, half of all veterans indicated the change was more difficult than expected and a confusing time. Three quarters of them reported the time as a stressful one. For some, one of the most challenging missions occurs when we trade our uniform for business casual.

Military objectives succeed when a well-planned approach is applied to the mission. Should your transition back to civilian life be any different? 

Last month, the U.S. Department of Labor released a report detailing the employment situation for veterans in 2020. Among the 18.5 million veterans, accounting for seven percent of the total U.S. population, unemployment rates rose to 6.5%. Over 580,000 vets were out of work and half of these were aged 25-54—the prime transition period. Sounds like a good deal of them could use a well-planned approach with a defined objective. 

Keep Your Options Open

At VetCor, we believe transitioning veterans can take charge of the situation with a sound business proposition that gives them the opportunity to become their own boss. Take a moment and consider…

military vets in transition - vetcor business opportunity

What is VetCor?

Founded in 2013, VetCor is a restoration services franchise that handles water and mold damage for residential and commercial customers. As a company, we’re staffed primarily by U.S. veterans and the brand operates according to the same culture, norms and values embodied in military service. VetCor is a business opportunity run by veterans, for veterans.


About the Opportunity

VetCor is a franchise opportunity that allows service members to continue to serve others, both residential and commercial customers, in their time of need. There are six key service offerings that include water damage mitigation, mold remediation, fire/smoke remediation, roof tarping, tree or debris removal and bio/trauma crime scene cleanup. VetCor’s leadership team will provide all of the training, guidance, and ongoing support you’ll need to operate your franchise. They’ll have your six, every time.


Why Veterans Make Good VetCor Owners

VetCor is a good fit for veterans because it’s a crisis-based business. And we all know who can handle a crisis better than the general population. The business model mirrors the type of mission training and execution veterans experienced during their time of active duty. A crisis occurs. As a team leader, you must assess the situation, formulate a plan of action, and execute a solution to the best of your ability, while minimizing risk.

Because VetCor is a business run by veterans, for veterans, we want you to be as informed as possible when it comes to keeping your options open. Transitioning from military to civilian life may present unseen challenges and obstacles in your life, but we’ve been through it too and want to help. We invite you to review our business proposition to see if owning a VetCor franchise might be the solution for your return to civilian life.

In the meantime, please visit these vet-friendly websites that include information on resources, tools, and guidance for veterans in transition: 

For education opportunities for those who wish to become small business owners, be sure to visit:

If you are a military veteran about to be discharged from the service, or are currently in the transition process, reach out and let’s start a conversation about your future.